$YANTRA Tokenomics | Available on Uniswap

Dec 3, 2022




333,333 Total Supply

(12%) Buy Tax

6% True Burn

3% Auto LP

3% Marketing

(12%) Sell Tax

6% Auto LP

3% True Burn

3% Marketing

Max Wallet 1% (3,333.33)

$YANTRA is an instrument to support the masses on their crypto journey. The purpose of $YANTRA is to empower and fund the community with a wealth generating token. $YANTRA works like a machine removing tokens from the blockchain while providing additional liquidity to the pool for the remaining tokens. $YANTRA TOKEN Pure Burn Tokenomics are designed to increase the token value for the holders adding sustainable liquidity on autopilot during trading activity







True Burn Tokenomics • Auto LP • Staking • NFT Collection • DAO • Marketing | LP Tokens Burned Forever 999 Years • Based Dev (12% Tax) ANTI SNIPER CONTRACT