WHY $YANTRA | Available on Uniswap

3 min readDec 3, 2022

A true deflationary crypto asset YANTRA is rare by design. Capped at 333,333 in Max Total Supply, YANTRA tokens burn from the Max Total Supply on every transaction causing a direct impact on the price increase. In addition to the true burn mechanism, YANTRA also adds liquidity to the pool on every transaction. Along with the true burn and liquidity tax YANTRA also has a marketing wallet to continue developing the project over time.

YANTRA Tokenomics solve two big problems in cryptocurrency. Inflation and Liquidity. In other projects, as tokens come onto market on buys and sells it increases the circulating supply. Only 333,333 YANTRA will ever exist on the blockchain. When a transaction happens on YANTRA it reduces the total supply forever causing a permanent burn of the token. At the time of this writing their are only 302,899 YANTRA remaining in max total supply.

Another problem YANTRA solves is liquidity. Most crypto projects never recover when holders exit because they drain all the liquidity on the way out. YANTRA protects the holders on every transaction by adding liquidity to the pool, increasing the liquidity tax when holders sell.

The YANTRA token is also equipped with the most powerful staking platform in crypto. With no lock up periods, holders can stake and unstake at any moment with a 36% APR on the staked amount. Every stake and unstake burns YANTRA directly from the max total supply as well. There’s only a 1% fee to stake and 3% of the unstaked amount is burned from the max total supply of YANTRA.

YANTRA also has a collection of beautiful sacred geometry NFTs. If any holder mints a rare NFT they are able to benefit from NFT Profit Sharing rewarding them with 1 ETH. Holding 1,000 YANTRA tokens and 1 YANTRA NFT grants holders access to the YANTRA DAO. YANTRA NFTs are limited to 500.

YANTRA is currently only available on the Ethereum blockchain with plans to add pairs to USDC and BSC.

The crypto market is saturated with useless tokens that die out daily. We think $YANTRA can do better simply by using its two greatest features. A capped supply that burns from the total supply and a strong community.

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, went up over 1,000,000x, and it only has 2 features: send and receive. No staking, no dao, no nfts. Just holders. Yes you can mine Bitcoin but what does that have to do with anything besides polluting our great planet?

YANTRA unique Tokenomics provides a Bitcoin-like supply along with the liquidity to support the project. Once a strong family-like community forms around YANTRA the token has no choice but to increase in value.


Chart 📈 — https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0x8c00410cf034c1ee6ff4ffd13340dafbab657234

TG 📲 — https://t.me/YANTRAPortal

Twitter 🐦 — https://twitter.com/YANTRA999

Website 💻 — http://yantra999.com

Buy on Uniswap 💰 — https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?use=v2&outputCurrency=0xd55231b619Ec464347d7b6eB12Cc7AE19fBbf37D


Stake $YANTRA — https://www.yantra.app/stake

Mint $YANTRA NFTs — https://www.yantra.app/mint




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